VIP for a VIP


When you start with VIPs behind the wheel, they usually understand VIPs sitting over the wheels. Cool, calm, and collect. Don’t engage. Lay it all out at the beginning and then shut up.

We understand.


When you brand yourselves as a Hollywood limousine service, you expect phone calls from personal assistants with pointed questions and specific conditions for their clients:

“OMG, you’ll never believe what this driver started talking about…”

“Please don’t send a driver that can’t speak English…”

“We had a bad experience and the driver started yelling at my client…”

We understand.

We’ve been doing this more than ten years and there is little we haven’t seen: TMZ’ intrusive cameras. Undercover security details. VIPs in disguise. Autograph-seekers. Gawking tourists.

Isn’t everyone a VIP? Definitely yes. They are. In fact, our core client base are VIPs in other industries besides Hollywood. They are “actors.” Decision-makers. Consultants. Donors. Scions. Leaders. Presidents. Faculty. Military Service. Kids with lotsa questions…

… and so far we’ve had answers!

And has everything in our tenured history been handled with great aplomb? We would be lying if we said “yes.” The evolution of our service protocol, like any company’s, was fraught with mistakes. Learning by doing and getting clients like you to trust us with your most trusted clients, has unquestionably been the greatest live teaching we could ever have imagined. Some clients hung in there. Others fled. Drivers who interviewed well but were later adrift behind the wheel and those whose first impression was serviceable dazzled once we handed them keys and work orders.

Often we guess well at client needs but we transparently ask for riders/conditions/special requests. And why not? Whether it’s a short drive or an hour in traffic with uniformed security, let’s be sure everyone is content and happy. C’mon, there are still bottled waters we’re dying to try!

Discretion is the better of valor. Don’t wear it on your sleeve. Keep it to yourself.

We agree.

Recently, we saw a limousine website with advertising selfies assuring us that if celebrities rode with their company, they must be the VIP specialists for Los Angeles. There were several pained expressions on peoples’ faces.

From the bottom of our hearts, should that request for crass publicity come from one our drivers please know that our embarrassment will endure forever and you’ll get full credit for your trip.

Plus our complimentary assistance to write a scathing Google review.


The black limousine experience used to be special. Today, the underlying hustle for continued self-promotion has compromised a class of service that we hope to keep preserved in its entirety from a bygone era. Though you may not see a chauffeur’s hat, don’t be surprised by white gloves to keep our driving hands sun-free. Doors will open cordially. Water will appear on request. Quietude will overwhelm the driving experience.

Regardless of what you need, let us see if we can help. Your important people will meet our important people and we’re confident there will be a fit!

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