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Group transportation happens monthly in big cities and Los Angeles is no exception. Hotel availability is among the highest in the world. We are the entertainment capital of the world and we have plenty of things to see and do. Plan your next outing with us. See the sites. Get your group to their next sales meeting. Take a ride to LA Zoo or catch a sporting event. We are here for you!

The days of one passenger in a Town Car or Sedan has changed. SUV’s are now the go-to for trips with three or more passengers. Limousines are perfect for weddings and now Sprinters are needed for group transport / business dinners.

In 2012, Uber recruited many small operators with seeming assurances their cars would never be empty. It was brilliant and compelling all at once. Take a private client to LAX, grab an Uber Black client on your way back to the garage. The now perfectly timed round-trip more than covered fuel costs back to the garage.

No dead-heading. Work longer hours. Make more money. It certainly worked for a segment of the business ill-equipped to market their brand and trust they could deliver better than a Transportation Network Company. Watching operators capitulate to the fast buck certainly made us all think…

This is just too good to be true…

…it was. And we had to think differently.

We met with operators who had already pivoted into Sprinter Vans, Mini coaches and Charter busses and saw that’s where we needed to be. The smart players in the limousine space all saw the imminent extinction of the Lincoln Town Car and its replacement, the Lincoln MKT, was positioned for multi-passenger transportation. Trunks were expanded. Seats were roomier. Head room was greatly improved. It was peace of mind for driver and client.

It seemed like we could now pack more luggage than ever before!

Today, the SUV is nearly the immediate go-to vehicle. Families request it frequently. Add the baby seats. Skis. Backpacks. Fold-down seats. Presents. Boxes for the grandparents. It all just seems to fit perfectly.

Plus, they’re elegant, sleek and long on curb appeal. Cadillac Escalades and fully black Suburbans with leather packages make trips to the airport more relaxing. Just sitting above traffic is good for everyone. Kids can play in the back while parents catch up on lost reading.

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