Wedding Limousine


At Hollywood Limousine we know a thing or two about weddings. We’ve attended a lot of weddings as guests — and drivers — over the past ten years. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. And we only want the very best for you. It is a day where service failure is not an option.

We know. We’re married. Happily so…

For us, and many in our industry, if a bride is not asking enough questions at time of booking, we will step in with our planning matrix. Very likely, we will exhaust you with questions about expectant deliverables. Challenges abound and we want to anticipate problems before they ever arise. Time becomes fluid. Sunlight fades. People disappear when needed and re-appear when not. Bridesmaids and groomsmen might be meeting for the first time but it won’t be the last…

Please note: We want your wedding business. However, this piece of our overall business we scrutinize closely. We have expectations of what you will want. In fact, we have never once had someone NOT ask about our vehicles. Request photos of each. Inquire about driver attire. Knowledge of the wedding location. Sense of direction. Cleanliness. Punctuality. Assistance to the elderly. If you are not asking, we will be happy to tell you!

Weddings are meant to be memorable — not chaotic. Your wedding planner will render the latter invisible and we will do our part to keep order. The backbone of our business is large group transportation. We understand. Not everyone can sit quietly. Someone needs a drink. Another is too hot. Nausea follows. And we haven’t even mentioned the simmering nerves.

Two people in love is a beautiful thing and getting married in Southern California is the perfect backdrop. We know. We’ve delivered all over Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties. If you’re asking, we love the ocean. Small chapels. Close family and friends. Same sex. Opposite sex. We’ll-get-you-home-so-you-can-have-some-sex.


Maybe you started with us first. We can direct you to our wedding connections to see if they can help plan your day. Smooth things out. Plant ideas. Add a checklist. Please don’t forget the checklist. Make sure you have a rider/contract in our office before service is ever engaged. You need every stone unturned and so often two heads are better than one.

And remember it’s your day. So often, the planning involves what will be best for the guests. Really think about you and what you want. Have you considered some entertainment? We serviced a wedding with an absolutely heart-stopping vocalist who left us breathless after an hour of her time. It was a magical touch. It really filled that gap of time between church and reception. Thoughtfully done!

Finally, we cannot emphasize these additional items that need your informed consideration: alcohol (all, some or nothing) speeches, photography, make-up prep time, dress prep-time, rehearsal dinner, music for rehearsal dinner. Oh that prep time. You can never plan enough. If we leave you with one thing, don’t skimp on the day. Book a car (or two) just to get people moved at the very last minute. Did we mention that people are rarely where they’re supposed to be that day…?

Seriously, who doesn’t love a good wedding?

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