Sedans and Luxury Sedans

At Hollywood Limo our sedans are our most popular car.

Lincoln Town Car - Sedan

The sedan is a formal yet subtle way to travel. The sedan is perfect for a convenient ride to the airport, an important business meeting or shopping for the day in Beverly Hills. If your Mercedes is in the shop that weekend, you don’t want to rent a car. A sedan is an excellent way to get your shopping done with no disruption to your life. It caters to you in the manner you are accustomed to. The sedan comfortably seats between two to four people, with room to spare. Each sedan is meticulously maintained with all the luxuries of limousine.

Your sedan comes with all the same pampered service as a limousine: your personal chauffeur, luggage service, and complimentary water on board.


Your driver will meet you at the airport and will be ready to assist with anything you need. Our sedan drivers act also as your personal concierge, helping with finding the best restaurants, the best route, or even the best parties and nightclubs to hit up if you’re visiting from out of town.

Luxury Sedan


If you’re in visiting from New York or LA, our drivers will be glad to recommend the best night spots. Each sedan comes with spacious seating, plenty of legroom and all the comforts of flying first class. When you ride with Hollywood Limo, you are flying first class. And we treat you that way. Our sedans are popular with all the studios in Hollywood, celebrity clients and businessmen travelling from New York to LA and everywhere in between. We can arrange a pick up at your home, office, cheap motel or any major airport across the country.



The sedan is subtle with a distinctive style and class of its own. It says you’re important. And you are. Our drivers will take excellent care of you. That’s why we’re here.