Los Angeles Limousine

We here at Venue Los Angeles Limousine have grown dramatically over the years and have built a name known by its superior service.
We are continually growing and offering more and more services to our passengers. In the highly competitive world of ground transportation, we have not only excelled but in many cases surpassed the competition. If you need a Los Angeles Limousine, we’re who you call. Producers, Managers, Agents and Celebrities use our services on a daily basis.We are now of the largest privately owned ground transportation teams in the country, offering Stretch Limousines, Sedans, Town Cars, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Hummers, Charter Buses, Vans, Shuttles and Party Buses.

We proudly chauffeur clients from all spectrums of the entertainment industry.

Every Los Angeles Limousine is equipped with all the latest technology and amenities. A Venue Limousine is always ready, and always on time. Not just on time, but a Venue Los Angeles Limousine is always early.

Your driver will call one hour before picking you up to make sure you remember we’re on the way! A Hollywood Limousine driver is always familiar with navigating the confusing maze of every airport, whether it’s JFK or LAX, or anywhere in between. Airports are a confusing and chaotic mess these days.

Why not use a Los Angeles Limousine to handle your entire trip to and from the airport? We will keep track of any flight delays, and keep you up to speed on any traffic delays. You don’t have to be in Hollywood to use a Hollywood Limousine. We have extensive service in Manhattan, Phoenix, Chicago, San Francisco, San Antonio, and many more cities across the country. A Los Angeles Limousine is your home away from home. We take excellent care of our passengers, with and extra emphasis on you and what you request. Whatever you need, you will find in a Hollywood Limousine. The seats are spacious. The climate controls are in your hands. And the stereo choices are entirely up to you. Bring your iPhone, plug it into our sound system, and play your favorite music.

The difference between a Los Angeles Limousine and the competition is that with, you’re really in control. We may be driving, but you call the shots. Any special magazine or requested reading material will be waiting for you in the car. All you have to do is ask. A Los Angeles Limousine is really the best and only way to go. We’re the only ground transportation company that puts you in charge. Backseat drivers are welcome with us!