Our modern fleet of vehicles adheres to the most up to date specifications. Each car is fully loaded with all the amenities including DVD players, rear climate controls, television screens and plush leather seating with plenty of legroom. Our cars now feature iPads with LTE connectivity in most cars, which allow you to go online, check your email, surf the web, watch YouTube videos or look at your bank balance. This new feature allows you to sync up your iPhone to the main stereo system and jam your favorite music. Complimentary bottled water waits for you in all our vehicles. We are constantly updating our fleet with all the latest technology including the most current GPS and navigation systems to make certain we find the fastest, safest and most comfortable way to get you where you need to be.


Lincoln Town Car - Sedan

The word sedan is derived from a southern Italian dialect (sedia) meaning “chair.” The first automobile to use the configuration was the 1899 Renault Voiturette Type B. The first closed car, for at least 4 persons, which used the word “sedan” was the 1911 Speedwell sedan, which was manufactured by the Speedwell Motor Co in Dayton, Ohio. Modern sedans have come a long way since then but we at Hollywood Limo adhere to the traditional comfort and luxury of the original sedan, and find it to be one of our most popular cars. Our standard sedans comfortably seat between two and four people and are always stocked with complimentary bottled water. A smooth ride that carries on the tradition of the past.



Luxury Sedan

Excellence refined. Our luxury sedans are in a class of their own. These vehicles are unique while providing the very highest level of comfort and safety. They make a very distinct statement about who you are. We have Entry-level/luxury compact cars such as the Lexus ES, Acura TSX, the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C- Class. Our Mid-Luxury executive cars feature the most advanced technology as well as providing complete luxury such as the BMW 5 Series. High-End luxury includes the Audi 8, the BMW 7 series, the Jaguar XJ, the Lincoln Town Car and the Cadillac DTS. From there we go to our Ultra-Luxury vehicles including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Astin Martin, Maybach and the Maserati. There is a wide range to choose from, depending on your needs. Popular luxury cars now include the SUV Crossover, like the Lincoln Navigator, the Hummer and the Toyota Land Cruiser. These cars are guaranteed to impress an out-of-town client, a business partner, or even your daughter when you want to show her you really care about her comfort and safety on an extra special night. So whatever you need, we can have it ready and waiting at your front door. The luxury sedan is simply five star living. It puts you in a different league. You’ve worked hard to get there. It’s time to start living the dream. Not dreaming the dream.


Lincoln town Car

Our impressive fleet of modern, fully stocked stretch limousines is just waiting for you. A ride in a limo sets you apart from the crowd, riding in complete style and class. This is the way to arrive at any event. Our limousines can accomodate anywhere from six to ten passengers. Perfect for a date, a dinner in Beverly Hills, a movie premiere, a business meeting or a simple trip to the airport. The presence of a limo compliments any event and is guaranteed to compliment your arrival anywhere.





Lincoln town Car

Our Cadillac Escalade seats up to six people comfortably. Each SUV we operate is new, clean and sleek. With plenty of legroom, climate controls in the rear passenger seats, optional TV screens mounted on the front seats with DVD capability, this is a bold way to arrive at any industry party or event. Your driver will take good care of you as you enjoy your night out. This is a popular vehicle for a reason. This car makes its own statement. It says who you are. Someone who knows how to play and show people a good time. Its formal, casual but classy at the same time. Like you.





Lincoln town Car

We have passenger vans to accomodate anywhere from eight, twelve to fifteen passengers. These are perfect for small groups. And a great choice for family funtions, kids day trips to theme parks or picking up friends to go to a concert. An excellent choice too for sporting events, including transporting the baseball or soccer team to their game. Why should mom have to drive all those kids around? Give her a break. Our passenger vans are there for business conventions too. Groups travelling together can share the expense and make this an affordable way to get to the airport. Seniors, Religious groups, choirs, or members of a symphony travelling to a concert are welcome.




Lincoln town Car

Door to door service from your front door to the airport terminal. Our shuttle vans operate in cities all across the country. From LAX to JFK in New York, we’ll arrange a safe, courteous and prompt airport run that will get you there in plenty of time for your flight. Call us to arrange to pick you up at any airport and we’ll make it happen. Our vans are clean and driven by professionals. Don’t take a taxi. Taxi drivers get lost. WE DON’T. A shuttle booked through us will be a smooth and pleasant experience. Flying is stressful enough these days. Your trip to and from the airport doesn’t have to be.





Lincoln town Car

Our deluxe charter buses can comfortably transport anywhere from 24, 32, or 48 passengers depending on your needs. Our fleet is spacious and up to date with plenty of room for luggage or music equipment. Perfect for musicians travelling to a concert, with lots of room for their groupies, guitars and drum kits. Great too for sports teams going to and from a game, student day trips or high-end donors attending a charity event. Group trips to Las Vegas, tours of the Grand Canyon or visits to our National Parks are much easier and hassle free with one of our experienced drivers at the wheel. Bird watchers and camping trips are welcome!




Lincoln town Car

Rock out with us on one of our outrageous party buses. Let us hook you up and get this party started! Leather couch seating. Wet bars. Surround sound. Wood floors. There’s a reason this is called a party bus. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even care when you get to your destination. Impress your boss and co workers by doing something totally unexpected for the staff Christmas Party this year. These buses are excellent choices for birthdays, graduations, reuinions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and anniversaries. The sound systems are night club quality with hook ups for your iPhones to blast your own jams. This is probably the best way to rock out on the road without worrying about drinking and driving. The party bus is an experience you will never forget. It’s like the 1960s. If you do remember it then you weren’t there.